Dig the progression. Guitar is clean but maybe a bit sterile. Starting at .16, I would have backed the attack on the picking off a bit to allow the vocals to take more of a center stage. Not a glaring problem, but it caught my attention. Vocals are smooth up till 1.41. The "life" where you step up is noticeably shaky, but doesn't actually sound bad. Maybe off-putting would be the best description. Overall, I think it's an all-around mellow, good acoustic song and you should be proud.
thank you both and i hear what your saying zepp thank you ill take not of that
I like the change of dynamics in the guitar playing. Maybe you could reflect that in your singing?

The bit where you sing "liiiife" sounds pretty good to me, it was the dynamic change I was waiting for.

And its nice to see that you put a bit of thought into the guitar part, not just strum strum strum.

C4C link in my sig please!
I really liked the vocals. They fit perfectly for acoustic songs like this. Keep it up!