Hard to say. The HP Special Series is Peavey's top of the line and while very good, they definitely aren't cheap. There is no information of the Signature series on their website (at least none that I could find). $150.00 isn't much for a guitar. If you have a chance to check it out and you like it, then it might be worthwhile.
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i just picked up an '84 peavey MIA guitar for $100 and love it.

forgot the model at the moment though.

if its not american though, it isn't worth it though.
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The owner is saying that the guitar is made in China or made in Indonesia.

honestly i would still give it a shot. its cheap, but you likely would find a mia peavey if you are lookling into them for less than that.
i got a peavey hp signature ex goldtop for 200$ and it's definitely great!!
the finition is awesome and the neck is comfortable, the maniability is very nice and the tune, oh my god, looks like a real gibson on a clean or dist channel.
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