We're Sweet Loretta, and we hope our songs get stuck in your head.

Here's our Facebook:

Here's our YouTube:

We are a band from Owensboro, Kentucky. We are young and new. And we hope to see you sometime or another.

If you want to label us, then we pull Beatles, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Ben Folds sounds for our songs. Those are the best songs we cover at least.

We don't have much recordings (right now), but we wish to grow popularity. Our Facebook is updated with pics and videos of the band, and with 100-something fans, we wish to continue to grow.

Please, for the love of Brad Pitt, contact us in any way, shape or form to learn more about us. We're just four guys in high school and want to venture out to this world of Rock. We have ten people a part of this band: 4 musicians, 6 others that help with managing and producing our sound and image.

Here's an original song played in a gym:

Here's me and Sam performing a Beatles song (Nighthawk and Captain Falcon was an old 2 man stage act):
As in "Sweet loretta martin thought she was a women" ?? :p

Listened to a few of your videos on youtube. There are a few videos that look like you need to put a bit more work into the songs such as the "in my life" cover and the guitar solo on "get back" maybe. But it might just be poor sound quality.

good luck with your band..
Yeah, right from "Get Back." We use that song to get us warmed up in practices.
We aren't the most technically savy, we aren't the most pleasing. We don't excpect to be amazing from the beginning, and our videos aren't the highest quality. But we've put in a lot of time to practice and learn about the magic of rock bands.
But we have determination. And we just want to perform for people.
We don't have much video or audio of us, though we have performed quite a few times for events and functions.
But we're just starting to get our wet feet, er, feet wet (dyslexia). Our bio isn't all that big, we began back in November.
We're just getting the name out any way possible.