I recently got a Line 6 UX2 to record with, and I've been using Reaper as my DAW. Unfortunately though, I've been having some problems with them.

1:- Firstly, I've been having alot of problems with my tone in Pod Farm. Everything I've tried so far has sounded like a blanket had been thrown over the cab. All the built in presets, as well as everything I've tried to do myself has sounded like this IMO. Now, I've heard several demos on youtube, and quite a few people have gotten quite nice tones out of it IMO. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something possibly wrong with my gear?
I'm using the exact same settings as I am on my amp as well, and I get a godd sound
out of it (or, as good a sound as you're going to get out of a vypyr...).

2:- When I'm recording, I'm getting quite bad latency issues. When I create the track, and use it to monitor when I'm playing, there's a large time gap between me playing, and when I hear it through my headphones. I can solve this by monitoring through Pod Farm separately, but there is still the problem of me playing, then it being recorded shortly after, making recording anything more than one track very, very difficult. When I've been recording, I've been plugging my guitar/bass/mic into the UX2, then monitoring using the headphone output on the UX2, if that makes any difference at all.

3:- I bought a bass at the same time as the UX2. It could be due to my lack of experience with bass, and what they sound like, but this sounds really, really quiet when I'm playing. I don't have an bass amp, and have only been using Pod Farm to play, so I can't really see if it is the bass or not. Though, it has active pick ups in it, so it could possibly be the battery that came with it is dead. Any thoughts?

I'm pretty sure I forgot something, but I'll add it in later if I remember. I would be very grateful for any help you could lend me. Thank-you very much

EDIT: I've remembered what my other question was. Is it possible to change the BPM of a song part way through? If so, how?
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