Hi, so my first amp is a Spider III, and while it's done it's job i'm really starting to despise it's digital sounding distortion. I had a good look around and the Peavey vypyr really caught my eye. I have been looking to try a valved amp for a while so i went to a guitar shop a month or so back and played a vypyr 30 and a blackstar ht-1. The difference in sound, at least to my knowledge was astounding. I am really feeling the tube sound, it's primary use will be for bedroom playing so it doesn't really need to be big, the HT-1 seems like an ideal solution but i'm unsure whether it will be able to provide enough gain/distortion for heavier metal tones.

I have about a max of 350 quid to spend and i was thinking a Blackstar HT-1 and a blackstar DISTX pedal would provide what i am looking for. Is this an ideal setup or not? Should i use a better pedal? Or are there better amps for my needs in this price range?

I also was looking at overdrive pedals, whats the difference between an OD pedal and a distortion/valve distortion pedal?

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As a side note, is it worth forgetting the pedal and just going for the HT-5/HT-5R and turning it down, i would prefer the 3 band EQ but it more expensive and i don't want to have to sacrifice tone for volumes sake.
The HT series has plenty of gain. I don't even think you'll need a pedal. If you do...probably a Tube Screamer. They're considered the definitive gain pedal for high-gain amps.
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i'd say ull be happier spending a little extra money for the ht-5. its nice having more eq, just makes things easier and u can find ur tone alot easier. i have a vht special 6 ultra which is similar but it is all tube. it is a bare bones amp but it is a really nice amp and definately has the tube sound ur looking for at a reasonable price. ($340 usd) it'll need a pedal for putting more gain in front of it but it is an awesome amp
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Spend more on the amp itself, rather than the pedal.

You should not think of the pedal as a vital part of your tone to begin with. You need to think of your amp as the base foundation for your tone, get a versatile amp that will get you closest to the tone you are seeking. Then use the pedal to make that final push to what you need.

Compared to the HT5, the HT1 is not as versatile, given its limited EQ capabilities. Spend that little more in the start, and you'll be happier in the long run.
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