It is manageable without metal shop but you are better off getting it. With Good recording technique you can get it to sound almost realistic.
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It is manageable without metal shop but you are better off getting it. With Good recording technique you can get it to sound almost realistic.

this, the metal pack is definitely worth getting; chances are there'll be some models that you'll really dig if you're playing death metal

Ibanez RG7321 w/ D-sonic in bridge

Peavey 5150 mk ii & b52 4x12 cab

line 6 podxt for recording

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I use it all the time with the metal shop expansion, it's really good! The Bogner Uberschall model is excellent.
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I use it stock and I can get a decent tone with their Dual Recto Sim, it's not as nice as my dual recto, but it is good enough to get away with it
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It can produce really a wide range of sounds if you just work with it. And with a GEQ you can make it sound even better.
I've used POD Farm since I got it with my POD GX last fall and I really like it. All the tones have a bit of 'digitalness' to them which can sometimes work well with a song and sometimes not. As FireHawk suggested, take a look into free amp sims. The amps I find myself using the most in POD Farm are the Recto Sim and the 5150 sim, both of which have excellent free sims, LePou LeCTo and TSE X50 respectively. Coupled with solid cab impulses, these sound very good.

Here are two clips of the audio clip with Pod Farm's 5150 and Triple Recto through POD Farm Cabs (lead patch is Triple Recto on both):
Not exactly death metal, but it's heavy.
It's possible to achieve a good death metal tone with ease.
You just gotta have a basic knowledge of EQing and getting creative.
Lets say that you are using the "High Gain amp" in PodFarm, but it is not delivering what you want.
First thing I would do is disable the cab that is built into PodFarm, because the cabs that are used in podfarm are not authentic.
Use a cam simulator vst like "LeCab v2" and use Impulses for your cabs. You will notice a huge difference in your tone.
After your cabsim in your fx chain, put a few Parametric EQ's in there. (If that's what they are) And Tweek the mess out of it. But if you have cubase, the "Studio EQ" comes with a preset called "Simple Metal Guitar."
but I understand that not everyone has cubase, so I will get some pics showing how to EQ for that preset. Along with a quick recording of differences.

A vst i ABSOLUTELY recommend in getting is Acme Gig Bar's Redshift Pickup Changer. If you don't have EMG pick ups or Duncan, well now ya do.
brb getting recordings and pics
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