Hey. Usually I hang out at the Tabs and Chords forum because that's where I post my music, but this is the first time I've written lyrics for a song I wrote, and I wanted some feedback on them. It's supposed to be about someone who has returned to his hometown after a long period away, only to find everyone dead, so he goes mad, burns it down, and dies. Grisly, yes, but hey, it's metal. Again, this is the first time I've ever written lyrics, so please go easy.

Wavering chill from the dark
Dreary autumn picture
Suddenly turning away, looking past
The mottled face lain by the gate

Silence upon my return
Ravens on the cobblestone square
Gathered in bitter assembly
Baronous mist filtered through their wings

Pale face twists in dismay,
Cold silence for those who lost their way
This place, the vacated stones
Escaped too long, too far to take me home

Decaying leaves
Veiling cadavers as death gowns
Signing the living will

Awaiting nothing
Relentless desolation
Madness shows its splendor
With the red moon calling through the rain

The lighthouse sighed
a flickering somber wave.
Bellowing in silence,
The swirling beacon
Vanished into its keep.

My home, my life
Vanquishing flame to quell the fear.
Burning blaze amidst feeble sobs.
Praying the pain will stay away.

Choking on my final breath
I am coaxed into death
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