Poll: Will they wreck it?!?!?!?
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Yes, it's gonna get smashed into some innocent cow
14 54%
Nah, your just an overreacting hick
8 31%
You sexist prick, blonds don't always wreck everything
4 15%
Voters: 26.
Ok, here's the situation, I'm going on vacation with my family, and my mom has to work till Friday, and me, my dad, and sister are leaving tomorrow. My mom recently just sprained her arm, so she can't drive my sisters Honda with 5 on the tree. So she's gonna drive my truck. Then my sister has to leave on Saturday, so she's gona take my truck from where we are vacationing and drive it home.

Now you may think that is all harmless and stuff, but heres the catch, both of these women, being my mom and sister, are both blonds, and have both wrecked my truck... Now, being a redneck from Texas, I love my truck, I keep it all shiny and take very good care of it, and letting them drive it again is very, shall we say worrisome.

So, question is, if you have a vehicle you love, would you let someone who you don't really trust to not wreck it, drive it long distances?

Poll up for the lazy bastards who don't want to post.

Here's a pic if you wanna see what they are gonna possibly wreck.

My ability to decipher a correct answer has slipped through my fingers.

Please ask again later.
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I would let two blondes "drive my truck" any day of the week
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I had a dream about your avatar once, so yes of course.

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I read that title as 'two blinds', so no.
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Considering they've already wrecked it, I wouldn't let them near it.
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