Hey all, was messing around with recording and decided to pull out my black Clouds and Silver Linings instrumental cd and give a shot at the 3 "main" solos. I do realize it's a bit out of sync and not the best quality, but my first vid

Hope you enjoy! if you want me to check out some your stuff, just direct to the proper place and I'll be glad to give my opinion!

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Thanks for your comment on my thread, man!

You really nailed these solos, excellent tone and smooth, expressive playing! Maybe bring the guitar up a bit in the mix, especially in the third solo.
Holy crap, that was perfect. It sounds exactly like the original, tone and all. Nice job dude.
Although yeah, I agree with ^. the guitar isn't cutting through enough, so turn that up a bit. Also, try a bit of delay or reverb on that third solo. Or maybe you were using some and i just couldn't hear it
Thanks Buddy, appreciate it! Good critique on the mix, I'll check that out!