hey that keyboard intro is awesome - love the production / mix, sounds really fresh and vibrant - the songwriting is pretty creative to - some cool warped sounds in there and a cool piano melody - I really like this one! sounds like a mix of Dream Theater, Pink Floyd and Sonata Arctica with a bit of Evergrey thrown in!
I looked at your "Greys" instrumental. I really enjoyed the first minute of it with the piano, thought it was really nice and it flows very nicely. When it got into the Heavier part at 1:10 I didn't like the change, It sounded too messy and unpleasant to me, However once it hit 1:25 roughly with the calmer guitar and steady beat I enjoyed it.

Overall I liked most of it, just the really heavy parts which put me off. This might just be down to personal though.
the piano intro was awesome and left me trying to anticipate what was going to come next. It wasnt what i expected, but it was a little loud sounding overall. more specifically i think the cymbols might have been too loud in the mix but i also just mean it in a generally loud sort of way. after that it settled in nicely and i really liked the guitar solo that started around 3:09. its a cool little melody and i liked the tone too. it was a nice touch to bring the piano back in after than and everything from that point flowed really nicely i think.

heres a link to my new song if you want to give it a look
Really enjoyed it It reminded me of Dream Theater and Pink Floyd, interesting progression and good sound. Well, there was no part, I didn't like Maybe it could use some vocals, though it's good without them too. Keep it up
I loved the track but i thought the intro maybe went on a tiny bit too long but thats just down to personal preferance. Overall theres nothing that i could really fault, the playing and mixing was bang on, the creativity and progression of the track left me expecting more. Awesome stuff.



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