Hey everyone just uploaded a few songs from the EP i'm working on
I'd love any feedback good, bad, neutral whatever
thanks in advance!
Uncertain: This one was really relaxing and definately a sharp contrast from the next song, still really good though. this isn't generally what i would listen to but I actually liked it so great job.
Time: This sounds awesome, especially the intro riff and it's repititions throughout. I would love to see this one with vocals on it as I feel it could only make this song better, though it is good as is of course. Vocals could actually make the part at 2:22 sound amazing in my opinion.
Resilient: I like how this one seems almost like a bridge between the other two tracks with the relaxed intro riff. Once again the only thing I can really crit is that I would like to see some vocals on the track, if possible.
Solace: Another relaxed track and once again I like it, I noticed that your recording and mixing is all really solid and that these mellow tracks are kept at a really good length.
B Flat: right away the guitar on this one struck me as something that I would like. This is another solid track and my usual comment from the others applies to this as well.

overall these are great tracks and the EP seems like somehting that I would buy, but please if you do add vocals post them here I would love to hear them.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1442060
Thanks so much for the crit! I agree the vocals are something I really want I just can't sing lol and I'm still looking for a singer at the moment (so if anyone is interested lemme know) I'm planning on releasing an instrumental version on June 7th on my website then if I can find a singer I'll rerelease it as the normal version.

I'm checking your stuff out now!