The "beta testing" of the "improved" UG is not beta testing at all, it's marketing testing. The sections are complete and working. What's being tested is whether people will sign up for these things and pay for them at the set price.

Those selected to beta test were told we could try these things for free. So what, so can everyone. It's built into the sections. You get a 3 day free trial, then they charge if you don't cancel.

Problem is, to get the trial you have to fork over your payment info. Then you have to cancel within 3 days if you don't want it AND trust that they won't have some sort of problem, goof up, hiccup, lost email, crashed hard drive, or other commonly used excuse, and put your payment through anyway.

Can you actually get this for free, as in having no money? Just try putting in a card number from an account with nothing in it. For the "free" 2 day trial, if you can't afford to pay for it before starting the free days, you can't have it.

For $1.99 per month you can have UG with no advertising pop ups. Now you know why we have so much advertising being thrown at us. They are willing to charge you this small amount to solve a problem that they caused.

For a few bucks a month you can see tabs and conversions to notation. Like Guitar Pro.

For a few bucks a month you can play along with several choices of songs (not the original, probably like a karaoke). You can play along with your own CDs, the radio, streaming, pretty much any way of listening to music. For free.

Of course, charging for that which others do, or which can be had for free is not unethical, it's only questionable and a matter of personal ethical stance.

But charging to solve a problem caused by those who are to fix it? That's a protection racket.
Websites cost money to host. You pay through it with either advertising or premium stuff
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I have Firefox and Ad Block.

I have Guitar Pro.

I don't care, and I will not be signing up.
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