I got a 404 page not found error when I clicked the link, maybe check it and repost the link?
np xD it seems like you're progressing just fine you seem to be better than soloing than I am lol maybe just practice a bit more to make things sound a bit smoother as some parts seemed kinda off, though that may have just been the recording, either way I would say that you're doing fine.
Ryan, that's some impressive blues playing you've got there! Excellent for 2 1/2 years, you should be proud. I always try to encourage younger guitarists to practice an equal amount of steel-string or classical guitar, as there's a whole new world in the fingerstyle approach too, but you may very well be doing so already! Good work, anyway..
Sounds great ! That is the kind of guitarplaying people (well,most people) would like to hear when they are out for a good time ! Very good work and sound !
I like it, one bend in particular sounded a bit flaky around 0:29, but other than that it was pretty solid. Watchin' this makes me with I'd have been able to focus on electric over the past two years instead of having to play every other instrument under the sun cause it puts into perspective where I should also be lead-wise.
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Really great playing and phrasing, and your vibrato and bending techniques are ridiculously expressive - subbed.