I'm currently in talks for a semi-custom guitar, and I have a question as I know little to nothing about pickups.

I'll be getting a fanned guitar with possibly a 3" differential. The luthier told me that his standard Seymour Duncan Blackouts can't be angled to match the fanning, which is understandable. He then said that he recommend's getting them straight so as to cover all the strings. However, he also mentioned EMG 45dc Bass pickups if I really wanted the pups angled (which, from my research, would be better).

The question is: SD Blackouts or EMG 45dc bass pickups (in your opinion, of course)? I'm doing some research on the EMG, but I can't find a video or site that shows them in a guitar.

I play a kind of djenty style, but I want voluminous/warm cleans with very little twang.

Thanks for the help in my long-winded question!
After maths sound fantastic for you, but if those can't be fanned, get any passives in that fit and put a balckouts preamp in it
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You can also consider the BKP Painkiller, that's their "djent-oriented" pickup.
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