I picked up a TC Electronic Vortex Flanger a few days ago and I'm noticing a big jump in volume when the pedal is engaged. I run it through the effects loop of a Blackstar HT-40, and TC says the pedal is capable of handling a line level signal well. I took that to mean there isn't a volume drop when you run a line level signal into it. Has anybody else used one of these and noticed anything similar?
I'm getting the same problem - very noticeable volume increase when pedal is on which makes it pretty useless for me. I don't get the issue with the corona chorus from TC which is next in the loop.

By chance I'm also using the HT40 and this pedal is third in the loop after a TC noise gate and an EH micropog.

Wondering if it might be something that can be sorted with the internal DIP switches - have you had any luck ?