hey guys,

i want to buy a jackson guitar, and i cam across two guitars that I can afford and like? i play music such as, bring me the horizon, parkway drive, asking alexandria, the black dahlia murder, within the ruins etc
and i dont know what one to pick, so which one is better out of the two guitars (doesnt matter about the price, i just want the quality)?

Jackson JS32T King V Electric Guitar (Black)


Jackson JS30 Dinky Black
I think they made a mistake with the name of the first one. The first one is a Rhoads rather than a King V.

Similar materials used, however the Dinky has a tremolo. If you're not going to use it much then buy the Rhoads. So far with the Jacksons i used, their Licensed Floyd Rose tremolos have been top notch.

You should really try those 2 out because they are different styles. I have a Jackson RR3, and I prefer playing it over a traditional strat style guitar because I like how the neck is angled when playing the guitar in the classical position.
Depends do you want string thru or a floyd rose? Also I hope you're not buying a guitar from them cuz those guitars are massively overpriced. Amazon.com has the same exact guitar(s) for just under $350.00. If you wanna spend $700 you may as well buy it on Amazon and buy a new amp, a pedal, cables, and some strings.
Do just buy a Jackson for the sake of the name or logo, buy it because you love the feel of the guitar. Theres nothing at all wrong with those guitars, but I would save up for some thing better that you will stay satisfied with for longer.
I have the jackson JS32T dinky and I love it. I play everything on it and it's really well made and very good quality. Also guitar didn't need any set up at all. Was perfect to play straight from the store and the action is lovely. It is quite low (which I like) but without the awful fret buzz you get on some guitars.
Good luck (you can't go wrong with a jackson )
some advice, if you have never played a Jackson try before you buy extensively. I had the King V and i couldnt get used to the compound radius fretboard so i sold it. I had some complaints about it. There was a lot of buzz straight from the store. Took me a little while to get it set up so it wouldnt. Also, the stock Jackson pickups are TERRIBLE.the best way i can describe it, way too bassy and muddy. When i played on the bridge pickup it was really thick like a muffled neck pickup. If you get the guitar, change them immediately. Also, you might wanna change the stock tuners as well. They hold decently but they can be pretty meh.
Don't buy from that site. The guitars are EXTREMELY overpriced on there. The Rhoads is only a 300 dollar guitar
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the Jackson CV2Rs or whatever they are? Mine couldnt handle distortion at all. I only had a set of 10-46 on it so it shouldnt have been that muddy.