Well pit its 2:40 am and I'm just laying here, this is regular for me and I want to know if anyone has any types of insomnia

I have a strange pattern where I absolutely cannot fall asleep until a bit after 4 am and on the opposing night I fall asleep right around 10, but wake up at 5ish for no reason

I am always tired but I can only sleep when I am absolutely exhausted, and my pattern of 4am 10pm every other night is pretty consistent, is this insomnia?
Well you do have a messed up sleeping pattern - do you exercise daily, eat right and smoke weed er'day? Otherwise you may be doing it wrong.
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Do you have a job, responsibilities, a reason to have to wake up early?

If so, you might not have insomnia at all.
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Yeah I have partial insomnia..

apparently its due to stress. Which is strange cause I dont get stressed. Unless I take a sleeping pill and it doesnt work. Then I get stressed. AGHH

But the excersise thing really works. Get proper excersise and it works with sleeping.

Or i suggest try regulating your sleeping patterns. If you wake up at 4 say, try sleep in to 4:15. Once you wake up at 4:15 move it to 4:30, etc. This doesnt always work, but its worth a try.

6 hours sleep isnt bad though... the Doctor said sometimes the mind doesnt need a rest but the body does (in insomnia)

Also things with screens are bad. Dont eat large amounts 4 hours before bed. Dont use screens 2 hours before. Dont read etc in bed. And if you cant sleep, dont get stressed. Get up and walk around. Do something.
I just had to post this, didn't I.
I have a full time job (40+ hours a week) and I have an issue with sleeping HARDCORE. I usually knock out around 4am and wake up at 1 for work, work 2-10 then come home sleep from 10-12sh...then stay awake till 3-4am again etc. It's weird. It sucks!
It sounds like insomnia...
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Im no Doctor but Im not sure it is insomnia...

Are you on medication or do you have any medical problems?
I just had to post this, didn't I.
You gots DSPS Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. Happens in teenagers all the time. Aside from sleeping pills, start taking the vitamin Melatonin. Helps you enter the sleep cycle. Also, warm tea or milk. Not hot, but warm.
If you're finding you're on the computer alot, you should try using

It lowers the colour tempereture of you're monitor once the sun goes down, which is something that can be messing with your circadian rhythm.