My guitar fell off its stand today, i picked it up and everything seemed fine. A few hours later, my guitar was out of tune which seemed obvious from the drop that that would happen, i retuned it and now the low e string is buzzing from the 3 fret up, and the a string is buzzing from the 17th fret up. What should I do. It was just taken to Guitar Center and i payed 50 dollars to get the whole guitar looked at and worked on and I don't have the money to do it again.
Thank you.
have those strings simply been knocked out of the grooves in the nut?
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Where was it buzzing?
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try to adjust it .. if not work. .. buy new guitar
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Might have popped a fret. Find where it's buzzing and tap it down.
You probably just got your bridge lowered, so now the action those two strings is too low and it's just buzzing. Try adjusting the bridge on those strings a bit higher and see if it works.

PS: If possible, could I ask what guitar it is? Lol.
Usually, the part that hates falling down the most is the bridge.
Reset that for starters, then see if any frets could have popped out and gently tap them back in - I reccommend a soft mallet for this purpose if you have one.

The neck may also have bent slightly from impact, but that's the last thing you should look at due to potentially messing with all other factors.
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The guitar is a takamine gx-200 series. The strings are still in the grooves in then nut. I tried tapping the fret down and nothing happened and have no clue how to adjust the bridge. My only option is to spend the money and get it fixed? The strings are a little old but I wouldn't think they would be the problem and when the guitar fell, it fell on the strings side.