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Have you guys seen this? It made me sick to my stomach despite it being played off so well.

Would you still be friends with someone who did this to you? It'd be hard for me to continue a friendship with someone if I was fooled in such a way. I would no longer trust them.

What about you guys?
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I'd still be their friend....but shit....that's a sick sense of humor. I'd be uneasy around them for A WHILE afterwards for sures.
Oh my god, I would be so relieved that he wasn't dead.

And then I would beat him severely until he WISHES he were dead.
I would punch him in the face SO HARD.

Seriously, so hard.
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i saw this on tosh.0 tonight. haha great prank but bad taste.

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ahaha thats awful
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Dude, your fucking sig creeps me out.

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I just noticed his sig too...I feel uncomfortable now...

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Your sig killed my boner _

Being a nursing student, I would have checked if he was actually dead first. Anyway that was ****ing awesome.
I would've drowned him.

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I would break his face.

Seriously, that is not fucking cool. It's honestly disturbing in terms of what it says of his mindstate, I'd either make him leave or I'd move out.

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That's not funny at all. I would be so angry if one of my friends did that to me. Dude took that prank way to far.
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I'd most likely beat the living shit out of him.

Then we'd share a beer.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
He'd be dead in my mind already, so I would probably kill him after.

Not really, but I would slap him every time he was around me.
I didn't get it. Is he a vampire?
I'd be relieved he wasn't dead, then I'd beat him to death. Then we'd have some beers and we'd laugh about it.
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I would beat the shit out of him. That's just sick.
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that was the best prank i've ever seen!!
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It's a good job his friend wasn't a necrophiliac. That could've been the world's most awkward breakfast later on...

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The french.

(Were they french?)


But holy shit, I would probably react the same way his friend did.
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I don't see the humor.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
I reallllyy want to do this now
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I would not accept them saying it was simply a joke. Id be seriously concerned that they would actually do it, or are trying to look like a cutter without actually needing to harm themselves.
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Oh they are swedes. Such champions.
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I'd have drowned him.

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I'd probably do it just to see how people would react to my death. But I know realistically, I couldn't do it.
^ everybody reacts harshly to death.
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