im searching everywhre for a tab for "live forever" from sixx am, cause i can't hear it out how to play it...

Can anybody help me ?
I have discovered the song a few days ago and I was also lookign for a tab. I couldn't find it and I tried to figure it out. Here it is how I see it:

First of all please escuse me if I do not explain it very well, it is really my first lesson . Anyway, please feel free to let me know if you understood it or you want me to go into more details.

Tunning: Drop D

1. Intro: (D, D, E, F, D, C, D, C) x 3 + F, F, F, G, G, F

I think it is played on the low E, in the positions 12(D), 14(E), 15(F), 10(C) and as timing/duration:
1st D (3/16) dotted eighth
2nd D (1/32), E (1/32), F (1/8) - you play this by strumming the D chord and them hammering on to the E and F chords
D is a quarter note (1/4)
C(1/8), D(1/8), C(1/8)

At the end of the intro, after the first 3 measures, you have the F and G power chords, played at 8th and 10th frets. You play them by strumming 3 times each, with the following timing:
1st and 2nd strums are half notes and you play the A and D strings
3rd strum is a whole note and you strum only the G string on the 10th fret the F note
Pay attention that also the 3rd strum of the G power chord is the F note on the G string.

Practice with a metronome and you will see it better.

2. That's with the intro, the verse part goes like this: (D, F, A) x 3 + Bb

D and F power chords with the root on the 5th string (frets 5 and 8), A and Bb with the root on the 6th string (frets 7 and 8).
Timing is D is two measures, F and A are one measure.
Bb is tow measures.

3. Bridge: (D, F, C, Bb) x 2 + Bb
D, F, C, Bb are one measure
Bb is two measures

4. Chorus: (F, A, D, Bb): This is pretty straight forward, each power chord having 2 measures.

5. Intro
6. Verse
7. Bridge
8. Chorus

7. Intro 2 - a little bit modified, not strumming the octave note from the power chord, and having only:
D(1/8), D(1/32), E(1/32), F(1/8), D(1/4), D(1/8), D(1/8), D(1/8) x 3
D(1/8), D(1/32), E(1/32), F(1/8), D(1/4), D(1/16), F(1/16), E(3/16), F(1/8)

8. Bridge 2 - bass solo:
Dm arpegio - D, F, A, F (strings 5, 4 and 3) x 2
slide from D (5th string) to F (5th string 8th fret) - F, A, Bb, A, C, C, Bb, A
C, E, F, E x 2
Bb, E, F, E, G, G, F, Bb
D Chord for 4 measures

9. Chorus + Solo in another post as there is a passage of four measures that I cannot figure it out also (too fast for me ).

Hope it helps you. Sorry for my weird style. Feel free to let me know if you need something else or to correct me.