I am currently in the pre-production phase of a demo I am working on. Just got $2000 worth of recording equipment and I'm ready to go. My buddy is a semi-pro film maker and asked if I ever wanted to do a music video. I would like to do one for fun and maybe to promote on youtube/facebook/etc. but would it be worthy to include in a demo package to labels or would they just find it odd?
In all honesty, you should have spent the $2000 on recording in a proper studio and getting an E.P. that will blow the minds of any labels...
Sure, now you can record as many songs as you like but with that money you're still never going to come close to what the professionals can do...

But now you've done it you might as well go for the music video (= Label's won't find it odd at all... Just adds another dimension to your music!
Thanks for the input. My career (other than an attempt at being a writer) is going to be audio engineering for soundtracks and such. I thought the purchase of my own equipment would be better spent in the long run.

And I think I will do the video now. Thanks!