I'm about to go get my guitar set up for 10's (i usually play 11's). Would it be stupid of me to ask them if they could set it up for Drop D tuning? Or is that necessary ?

Thanks, Jamie.
That is not necessary I guess that you do not always play drop tunings so you might want to have the flexibility of going back and forth between standard and drop tunings
Set it up for Drop D? But it's a single string change. When I was gigging I would play in standard, then when a drop D song would be next, it's changing it there and then within 30 seconds, as long as your guitar holds tune fine. And why did you send your guitar off to be 'setup' for 10's? Not being an asswipe, I'm just asking.
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I dont think D-tuning requires a different setup...if you dont have a setup with the strings insanely close to the frets-that could cause some rattle when you drop to D...
Sweet! Thanks

I went to 11's without getting anything set up and my ears only recently been good enough to realise that the intonation is a little off. I wanted to try out using 10's because i'm not 100% happy with the comfort of my guitar so figured i'd get it set up aswell to sort out the intonation