so today whilst driving i had a sneezing fit as i was going towards a set of lights, as i finished my little fit i realized the light was orange however was too close to the line to stop in time so i went through, however i am pretty sure it was red as i went through and as it was a major set of lights it had a red light camera. it didn't flash but I'm wondering if anyone in the pit has a a similar experience and what happened?

other questions i have, do red light camera flash? (I'm in NSW Australia if that helps)

And do i have a valid argument if i do get a fine in the mail as i couldn't really control the sneezing so i didn't pay attention to if someone was behind me so i went through rather then slamming on breaks just in case they were there?
Haven't had a situation like that, but i'd laugh my ass off if a picture surfaced of you mid sneeze.
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the problem is i came out of the sneezing fit just before i went through i.e probably about 5-10m before going through at 60km/h (40-45mph???) so i didnt have time to exactly stop. however if i do get a picture and i am pulling a weird face ill be sure to put it up

Edit: they other bad thing is if i do get a fine or something i will loose my licence as im on my Provisional licence and we loose it for just about every single road law we break.
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Dunno how different NSW is to WA but you should be alright, you'll get fined and a slap on the wrist but thats it.

My friend managed to clock up 10 demerits in one hit, he kept his license because his dad took the points for him.