Im meeting up with someone off Gumtree tonight for a strum.

Never met the guy before but seems ok in emails.

The thing is, getting chopped up and bummed in his basement is the least of my worries.

Ive never really played with other musicians before, never been in a band and only ever played in front of people when i was shit and wasted.

Im kinda bricking it to be fair. What if he thinks im crap etc etc.

Sorry to whine like a little bitch but has anyone else had this and/or have any advice on it

Cheers UG Community!
My only advice would be to have some common ground to go over.

I'm not a big fan of the whole hippie free-jam thing; it can work sometimes, but it can also be boring and awkward. Find some covers, or one of you provide some originals, so you have some concrete material to work with.
Take heart in the fact that no matter how bad you suck, Arielle probably sucks harder.

Other guy is probably nervous as well, he might not want to get chopped up and bummed either, especially in that order.
When I first started playing with other people I had only been playing a year and some change and it was by far my best decision. They were well above my level and that pushed me to get better as well as taught me new things.
Just see how things goes, do you have an idea of how good he is through your emails? If it turns out he's amazingly awesome, then you have just found someone who can show you a thing or two.
Email and see what you want to jam over and stuff.

Don't be nervous, it's much easier than you're making it out to be!

And I'm sure he isn't expecting competition or anything. So just have as much fun as you can with it.