i am rolling thunderclouds below
what sun burns a timid flare
                   (despair! despair!)
more blazing air, more red, red hair
more or less red underwear
does the heart beat chaste for me?
beneath her freckled chest -
does it wait or make haste for me?
'if nothing else is left
the red ones fit you best'
pot eyes on bloodshot horizons
rubbing sleep from our skin
afraid we can't stop this or anything
as we hear the howls, the bellowed storms
and feel like no one else has ever loved before.

I love this poem. Probably one of my favorite pieces I've read on UG. Wonderfully simple, yet evocative and the rhyme and rhythm are just perfect. I applaud you.
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This made my night, specifically "(despair! despair!)" I'm not sure why that specifically made this poem for me, but it did. On the whole, this is perfect. There's not a single thing I would change.
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I really liked this but for the "(despair! despair!)" bit; it felt like it was there for the sake of being there. Other than that, I loved it. I especially liked the lines "if nothing else is left/the red ones fit you best".
hooooooooooooooooooooly jesus. this is gooooooooooood. there is a lot of amazing content popping up lately.

e-applause for this one. this is gorgeous.