I am having a bit of a pickle.. I want a used guitar that is inexpensive and I found and looked at a dozen or so and I have narrowed my choices to three guitars that I looked at that are in great condition and I like the feel of all three.

The first one I looked at is a Godin LG P90... which as you can see by the name has Seymore Duncan P90 pickups in it

The second is an Ibanez ARC 300 that has been upgraded to have Seymore Duncan pick ups as well.

The third is an Epiphone Les Paul 1994 - Korean Made..

I just want to get the most guitar for the money.. all of them are $375 used

What do you think will be the most guitar for the money?
Godin. The build quality is top-notch, light-years beyond anything else in their price range. That's also half the new price for the Godin, vs. about 30% off new for the Ibanez or 20% off for the Epiphone.
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Definitely the Godin for the reasons listed above and the fact that it has P-90s (I'm a single coil guy).
that sounds like my old arc300.

i haven't tried that exact model godin but they do make nice guitars. my arc300 was a great guitar for the money as well.

what kind of music do you play? would P-90s better suit your stuff?
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Thanks for the help. I was also leaning towards the Godin as I do have an acoustic made by them and the quality is high. I play progressive and classic rock.. starting to get into some blue as well...
I think you'll really like the godin. it is a much better guitar than the other two (the epi is a bit of a rip-off) and the p90 pickups will give you a sound that will always stand out without being too foreign or weird
I lied to you the Godin Lg is the cheapest of the 3 at $345 I think I am going to pick it up tonight.. thanks for the help