Greetings Comrades!

well i browsed through youtube (particularly master of puppets) and saw that it was possible (i can do the faster solo myself, minus the wah-wah that has to be done.)

However, there are many solos where i'll have to bend and hit the 20th fret many times.
It gets trickier from there for me because my acoustic guitar is the "regular" shaped one, meaning that it doesnt have that "cut-off" to reach the higher frets". I start touching the body of my guitar from the 13-15th fret. My guitar has 20 frets at the very least.

Do you guys have any experience in compensating for those bends and 20th++ bends in an acoustic guitar?

I heard it's easier in an electric from my friends, but i'll never know since i know i'm not gonna get any guitar anytime soon due to lack of funds here.

Sorry if I may sound like a noob, however I tried doing some improvising (ie, sliding back and forth between 2 frets to partially simulate a bend). Maybe you gurus know some technique/improvisation that i'm missing out in?

Thank you, masters!
you could try just playing the same note down an octave or just transpose the entire solo down.
^ Pretty much what he said. You could also just improvise around the same line a little lower on the neck.
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Personally, I would completely scrap the existing solo and write a new one that works on acoustic (similar to what Clapton did with Layla). And if I'm not mistaken, a slide can get you those upper notes, though it won't exactly be das br00talz.
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