In general you can determine how much output a pickup has by it's resistance.

But how close can you really get? Couldnt two pickups both with a dcr of 16kohms have a substantially different output depending on the gauge of wire they use and the geometry of the magnetic system?

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For the most part, the greater the resistance, the more powerful the pickup but you are right, it is subject to change depending on the design (not much change though). The I'd say that's a pretty good rule to follow and any changes would probably be negligible. Unless you travel into the world of active pickups... I don't know anything about those...

16KΩ?? Thats huge!! What pickup are you looking at?
the magnet type, wire gauge, and dc resistance all effect it to a certain degree.

after about 16k though you'll see less difference.

my 22k pickups aren't that much hotter then my 16k pickups.
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