Haven't written anything in a while, been really busy but I really wanted to try something again so I've come up with this so far. Not quite sure where I'm headed with this. There's little bits I'm thinking of changing already, and I don't really know how well the transition from the solo into the bridge works. And I dunno how I feel about the bridge sections either. Don't worry about the bit on its own at the end, that was just an idea for a verse.

EDIT: Oh and listening again I realise that the transition between Bridge A and B really doesn't work either.
rock 220 v5.gp5
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The transition between the solo and the bridge sounded really abrupt. Maybe you could change some of those quick eighth and sixteenth notes at the end of your solo to notes longer in duration like quarter or half notes, which I think will give you a smoother transition into Bridge (A).

I actually think the bridges sounded great as well as the transition between them. I listened closely several times during the moment of transition between Bridges (A) and (B) and there was nothing about the transition that seemed awkward to me.

Please critique my song too: