I went and got my stuff together and finally after all the annoying topics, research and playing literally dozens upon dozens of guitars, I finally found something for me.

I had went to music go round and looked at the C-1 Elite mentioned a few days ago. I had tried it before a few weekends ago and liked, it but once I plugged it in I didn't like it. Active pups are not for me, and just something I don't like using. Also for some odd reason the prior owner had sadly moved the tail strap button on more then one occasion. There were multiple holes in odd spots of the bottom of the guitar (I know its a cosmetic thing, but just horrible and one was in an odd spot). I ended up with this:

I got a Schecter Gryphon. I got it for under 200 with a case. It plays quite well and handles metal quite well. I played it through a couple of amps including my own and loved its tone. It has 24 frets and is a string through bridge. The SD pickups are wonderful and handle my tone extremely well. I love how it sounds and looks. It has a few cosmetic blemishes, but aside from that is still quite good looking. The neck isn't Ibanez thin, but isn't very thick either, I love how it feels and my only complaint is that I think the strings are a heavier gauge then my usual, so it is shredding my fingers a little, but I think I might leave them so I can get used to them (they are 10s and I normally use 9s).

I love the feel and sound, it handles heavy heavy distortion quite well, as well as getting some really nice cleans. The action is fairly low and I love how it was set up well when I bought it. Other then needing a massive tuning it came from the store near perfect for me. The only thing I would change is the pick ups and change them into a more metal pick up and possibly change the knobs out, but that is preference by me to have little skulls.

Overall for me its a great guitar and can handle anything I throw it, and has done so quite well. Also as a joke my wife joked I should have gotten the Schecter XXX.
I love Schecters. My Omen 6 is one of the best sounding guitars I have heard. The fret work on it is to be desired but still my favorite guitar.

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I am looking forward to getting an eight string schecter!!! Cant wait until i have the money!!!

Is that a box of Warhammer 40k space marines perhaps?

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That's the 4th Ed SM Codex. I had to look something up yesterday for some nonsense on Bolter and Chainsword and didn't put my codex away.
Nice looking axe! I've got a Gryphon myself, got it off Ebay for around $200, but the previous owner was nice enough to slap in a set of EMG 81/85's. Wish mine was that color, mine's red.
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