I have recently noticed that when I play in Drop D (or Drop C etc) that my amp seems to make the D note on the lowest string sound noticeably louder and bassier than any other notes. This only happens with my bigger amp, and I was just wondering if anyone had similar problems? It makes it extremely annoying to play lower tuning songs!
My bigger amp is a 100W Amp with a Cab that has 4 speakers. You may have to explain this to me in simpler terms as well, I'm not great with the technical language of electronics Thanks.
Its not electronics. Its physics.

When two objects vibrate with the same frequency, the loudness of the sound increases. Thats the simplest explanation.

The only way you can fix this is by using a different cabb either bigger or smaller.
what exact model is the amp? some amps just have a peak in the FR curve due to the way the tonestack is configured. for example my Splawn Nitro if you drop tune even 1 step, it gets a lot bassier.

can you EQ it out at all.
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