This is a beautiful song sung by Ruth Moody that I am trying to figure out the chords to.

I had a friend help me and I know that the song is done in A#...so I'm just putting my capo on 3 and playing it in G instead....progression of G, C, D

You can hear the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCKwvcf4Tk0

you can see the lyrics here: http://www.ruthmoody.com/lyrics/

Here's my issue: I feel like the chord changes at the end of the second "You know you want to" and I can't figure out what it is changing to: (see the ?? below)

Baby it’s cold outside
Come in and stay a while
You know you want to
You know you want to

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance!!!!
it won't let me see it becuase I don't have any approved tabs....

can you private message it to me?