Hi, anyone got any more ideas about Faith guitars?

I found a few old threads on the net but newest I can find is 09.

I'm in the market for a new guitar and managed to try one of them yesterday (unplugged), though i'm not necessarily after an electro accoustic model. Any negative press ive been able to find has been on wether or not the electrics used were high enough spec, but otherwise comments seem good. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I tried some lower end cost martins and taylors and found them to be well above what ive got now (fairclough nightingale at £150 approx) but the Faith 'saturn' has got me giddy and I need to know more before I splash the cash.

Cheers, Neil.
Well.... Here's the official site:


They appear to be primarily marketed in the UK, no price range listed on the site. They advertise solid-wood models that at least look pretty good, though I don't care for their advertising verbiage....They toss around terms like "pure" and "soulful" .... What does that mean?