about a month ago i bought a new saddle for my acoustic guitar, i sanded it down itill i decided it seemed ok, know i wonder if my action is too high,
so im thinking about sanding the saddle down more
how can i tell if the action is to high?
For me and most guitarist its an advantage to have a low action (The strings being closer to the fretboard) - With that in mind you should try to get the action as low as possible. When you hear the strings start buzzing when you play (Especially high on the fretboard) Your action is too low and should be adjusted.
If it's not comfortable then change it. You don't want string buzz though.
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If it's not comfortable then change it. You don't want string buzz though.


what i've done is basically sand the saddle down a little bit after each set of strings if i think the action is too high. google it and you'll find some how to instructions advising on string height and how to measure gap distance and all that good stuff. i personally like mine really close to the fretboard but just open enough to get a good hard hit without fret buzz / rattle. mess with it, it takes time.
Go to Frets.com:
and read the "instrument set-up" section. Adjusting the action should start at the nut...The article gives you the standard measurement for setting action at the nut.
Then, the action at the saddle is adjusted. Again, the article will give you the standard string-height measurements and also how to gauge the amount of the saddle to cut by measuring from the fretboard with a straightedge.
Be sure to keep the bottom of the saddle absolutely square by using a sanding block and working carefully.