Bear with me. I am new to all this.

I have been printing chords from this site - very simple ones as I am just learning.
I like a folk-y song called "Trumansburg" by Once Blue. It sounds pretty simple however, I have NO idea how to do write down the chords but was wondering if there is anyone out there that knows this song or is willing to download and post the chords, I would be extremely grateful.
(I am from the tiny town of Trumansburg, NY)

I am not very familiar with tabs but if that is all I can get, I am fine with that.
Quote by tordajav
D, A, G, D circle
...than bridge:
G, A, D
G, A, D
G, A, D, A, G, D
D, A, G, D

Wow, thanks for the speedy reply.
Do you actually know that song??
I found it completely by accident.
I don't think it got airplay.

Thanks again.