Hi so I am selling my Fender Mike Dirnt Precision bass into my local guitar shop this weekend and was looking to exchange it for a good 5 string bass with the money I get for it (which is around $400). The guy at the store said he has a Peavey Grind 5 BXP that he recommended, but does anyone have any experience with this bass? Is it a good 5 string to get for this price, and is it a fair trade for my Fender Precision?
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I hear good things about them, but what kind of tone are you going for?

Well I play in a death metal band (our myspace link is in my signature), so something that would fit that. I like tones that stand out and don't just get washed out by the guitars, and I prefer clanky tones but I don't think the grind provides that (and I already have a 4 string Peavey Zodiac DE that's really clanky). I'm kind of just getting a 5 string so I have it as a back up, since I use a 6 string Peavey Cirrus USA as my primary bass (although lately at shows it's been harder to play and have good stage presence at the same time because of the thickness of the neck, so over time I might end up using the 5 string more).

I'm not expecting to get anything amazing from this price range but I'm trying to get the best I can.
I played a six-string Grind and it was a lot of bass for the money. It had a remarkably thin, fast neck comparable to my Tune TWB-6. If it gives you the tone you want, then you should be happy with it.
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