hey this is my first post ... ever all i wanted to ask is i have a "raspberry" i say raspberry because thats what i've always called it but i'm not entirely sure if thats the "Technical" term for it but anyways as i was saying i have a raspberry fret on my les paul and is there anything i can do? its around the 10th on every string , does this mean my darling L.P. is dead?

Do you mean it's fretting out around the tenth fret? If so you probably need to adjust your action slightly or you might even need a truss rod adjustment, which is an entirely new subject.
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Nope....hit it with a rubber headed mallet..then hit all the frets from 11-all the way to the last fret...the one closest to the body..problem should be solved..

Make sure its a rubber or plastic headed hammer/mallet...
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If you mean it is buzzing on one fret, then you have a high fret. If it is protruding from the fretboard, pound it back in as already described. If not, then you need to have a repair tech dress that fret. It is an easy fix either way.
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