Idk why I used the fade to black distortion tone, I got a POD X3 live playing straight through my PC, and I recently reinstalled my OS so I didn't have drivers for it yet so I had to record through a 1/8th" line instead of USB, hence the shitty sound quality.
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The quality needs work.
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Is this amazing? Could it be?
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Playing-wise it really doesnt sound too bad at all. Quality could use some work but we all have our limitations there. I think the most productive criticism is to not write something off as shitty before anyones heard it. The worst part of recording is you know where all the slip ups are and the parts that could use work. To most people just casually listening, these places are nowhere near as salient to them, but if you dont believe in it yourself, why should anyone else? In my experience theres always something, no matter the subtly that i wish came out a little differently, but if i keep it to myself its likely no one else will even pick up on it.

Heres a cover i made if you want to c4c
It was a pretty good cover. I'd say the only things that really need some more work were the interlude, since the guitars were not synced up completely, and the second guitar solo, since there were a lot of bum notes. I know that syncing guitars can be a really big pain when you're recording them separately, which is what I'm assuming you did, so it's something that would be difficult to do.

Man your tone isn't doing you any favours here (IMHO). All the rhythm stuff was really well played, but the interlude was a bit of a mess. And the solo isn't quite where it needs to be, yet! Just keep working on it dude, I can hear that you've got plenty of skill it just needs a little refining.