I know this has been discussed here millions of times, but I am just too damn lazy to look them up and I want to have a voice in this. What is your favorite type of neck? Like, what is the best neck for metal? Or having to reach higher notes... I like set necks personally and I feel bolt-on necks are flimsy... I dont know why. The funny thing is that my DREAM guitar is a Dellinger II... A bolt on neck guitar. Anyone know any good bolt-ons?
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Bolt-ons are not inferior, as a lot of people seem to think. They are the cheapest neck joint to produce, which is why they're used on so many cheap and badly made guitars. However, any well-made bolt-on will be just as solid as a set neck.

I personally prefer bolt-on guitars, because in my experience, they tend to yield a stronger attack.

There is no "best neck". It's all down to preference.
High end bolt ons (like an AANJ Ibanez or a lot of custom builds) are very solid guitars. I just don't like the chunkyness of a bolt-on, much rather an even curve like a neck or set through. But yeah, as sashki said once you get to a certain price point neck joint comes down to purely preference.
I own a set neck, neck through, and a few bolt ons. Fell in love with bolt ons due to the ease of changing neck angle, or neck changes completly. I also feel like I get a stronger attack with bolt on as stated earlier.
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I prefer neck through to set neck and bolt on. I like the nice smooth curve into the body of the guitar when playing the upper frets. I don't think all bolt on and set necks are bad. I just haven't found one I like enough to buy yet.
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as long as the joint is tight, I don't really care what sort of joint it is. a good neck joint, regardless of the type, is going to do its job reasonably well. obviously, different designs have different pro's and cons, but thats part of what gives a guitar its particular character

that being said, on a cheaper guitar I would prefer a bolt on, just because it seems to be the hardest to screw up.
I don't have a preference, as long as the fret access is good. You have bolt-ons which are terrible in that department, but modified-bolt-ons like you see on most Ibanez guitars as well.
I tend to prefer neck through just because I like the way they feel. Thats not to say I don't like other kinds of necks, I do own a telecaster.
I own a telecaster with a set neck that looks like a thru... Set-thru on a Fender Telecaster... I like the feel and everything, but I wouldn't mind a bolt-on...
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bolt-on necks are flimsy? lolwut? if anything they're stronger than set-neck (I realise you said you felt they were, rather than they actually were, just pointing it out)

I think I like bolt-on the best. Though it depends on the tone I'm going for- I like bolt-on, set and neck-thru depending on the guitar.
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High end bolt ons (like an AANJ Ibanez or a lot of custom builds) are very solid guitars.

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I prefer bolt-on necks with reduced heels. The only issue I have with bolt-ons is the heels(my ML's heel's pretty bad, other than tapping the 17th fret is as far as I can go comfortably), and that can be fixed easily, plus it isn't the case with a lot of bolt-ons. With set-necks and neck-thrus, if the neck busts it can cost you more than the guitar itself cost to fix(my ex had this problem with her Epi Goth LP), whereas with a bolt-on it's just the issue of getting a replacement, and honestly my first guitarist had a neck-thru BC Rich V, and the upper fret access didn't seem that drastically improved from the 10 minutes I spent with it.
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Neck through - the neck is one solid piece that goes through the entire body and the body wings are glued on the sides to complete the body.

Set in - The neck is hot-glued into the body by the neck heel.

Bolt one - The neck is bolted onto the body via screws at the neck joint.

To my ears, it seems that bolt on necks have a brighter tone, set necks have a warmer tone, and neck through necks are some where in the middle.

As for which one is more solid, it really depends on the quality of the guitar. Like said above, a high end bolt on will be just as solid as a high end neck through/set in, and vice versa.

I do prefer bolt on because I am mainly a strat and RG player, but I don't mind a good neck through or set in from time to time.

What matters to me the most is fret access. Neck through designs seem to have the best because there is no heel, set in are good but do have a heel, and bolt ons have a neck joint.

As for sustain, people say that neck through designs have the best, with set in and bolt on coming in 2nd and 3rd, but there are a lot more tings that contribute to the sustain besides the construction. I think pickup output and amp volume/gain have more to do with sustain than the type of neck.
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For MIM, MIK, MIC kind of guitars, I'd say set neck is the way to go. It's the easiest of the three to get right so for those cheaper guitars it seems the best way to go. For any more professional guitar I think they're all even, each with their own pros and cons.
Neck-thru or Schecter-style Set-necks. I want it to be seamless.
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I can get along with most neck joints. I have quite large hands, so I have never found any neck heel to hamper upper fret access. I only own guitars with set necks and bolt on necks at the moment, and I don't think I'd ever buy a neck through until the day I get a Gibson Firebird. Between a bolt-on and a set neck though, I really don't care, I can't see any difference in sustain between my Les Paul and my Strat, and I play with a 'Fender Clean' as my base tone, so that is where a lack of sustain would really show.
I prefer bolt-ons because if something goes horribly wrong you can replace the neck.
Neck-through guitars give amazing access to upper frets, though.

Never been a fan of glued-in necks for some reason. The neck joints in and of themselves should be good, but the guitars that have glued-in necks never seem to appeal to my playing style.
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i'm not a fan of bolt-on necks so much because the heels tend to be kinda awkward but obviously that depends on the guitar. i just like set necks better because i just think that kind of neck joint makes the guitar feel overall more 'complete' in a way - i don't know why, because by that logic a neck-thru should appeal to me more...

no neck joint type is superior or inferior to another, they are just different and have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it's up to you to decide which is best for you.
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Hm. My telecaster has pretty good access to all the frets. Although I hardly ever go up there, but when I do, it's pretty easy to. I've got pretty small hands compared to other people, I'm 14 so I've got, well the hand size of a 14 year old, haha. I just prefer the feel of the glued neck than a bolted on one because it feels more sturdy to me, however my opinion may change if I ever got my hands on a higher end bolt-on. (Prestige Ibanez, American Fender, or like I said earlier Caparisons :P)
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