I've had my les paul copy for about 5 years now but it started sounding messed up a couple of months ago. When i'm using the bridge pickup and i'm palm muting, it sounds as if all the strings are muffled, it doesn't sound like the usual "chug chug" but more like "djet djet" as if there's no distortion or anything. But when I switch to the neck humbucker, all is fine. I've tried bypassing the potentiometers, re-soldering the contacts, replacing the input jack, exchanging terminals on the toggle switch, bypassing the toggle switch, changing the strings and even exchanging the neck and bridge pickups but it made no difference at all. I have no money as of yet so i can't buy a new guitar yet and i'd really love to get this guitar fixed. Help guys!
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not sounding like the guitar is the issue but rather technique and an understanding of harmonics. your hand is behind the neck pickup so the harmonics don't ring as well. in turn the sound is kinda lifeless. i think htat you'll find that most of the guys you're trying to duplicate use the bridge pup for this and not the neck.
What you really need is a new amp.

is it possible for you to post a video of your problem? thatd really help diagnose it.
either you are not palm muting correctly and are moving your up to far towards the neck, or your bridge pickup is taking a dump and you need to get a new one.
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@monwobobbo: what i meant to say was the bridge pickup started sounding bad only a couple of months ago. It didn't sound like that before. It's not my technique since everyone who played my guitar noticed the problem as well. I've also tried the guitar with other amps and the problem is still there.
"You play that guitar as if you're possessed..." - mom
@larson8er: i'll try to put up a video as soon as i can.

@stonyman: i've already thought that my palm muting might have been the problem but i've been palm muting like that for years and it never was a problem. I've also let other people play the guitar but the problem is still there. I've tried putting the neck pickup in the bridge cavity (just to see if there would be a change) and vice versa; the bridge pickup in the neck cavity sounded good again and the neck pickup in the bridge cavity showed the same problem i began with.
"You play that guitar as if you're possessed..." - mom
it could maybe be a wiring problem within the guitar itself also...
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@91RG350: I've also tried to change the wire connecting the bridge pickup to the potentiometer but no improvement.

Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wae-upQnp1I

your pickup sounds as if it is going microphonic. new bridge pickup will fix this

EDIT: poor solder joints could also cause problems. are you using resin core solder?
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