Guitarist living in Connecticut (just a starter instrument, I plan on learning bass later and piano) and I'm an amateur and I'm looking to start a hardcore punk band (obviously looking for bassist, drummer, and possible lead vocalist). Style similar to the 80's sound; raw, energetic, fast, catchy, stripped down punk, none of that modern screamo/metalcore that's mistakenly called "hardcore punk". Asked a bunch people around me and I can't find anyone. I wrote a handful songs and materia; on my own and stuff but it's just not enough and I can't record with anything decent but a shitty cell phone, so I need a band to jam and create with.

Moreover, I'm interested more in the message and the attitude and the emotional realness of the music than the musicality and expert techniques itself. I'm 15 by the way. Any age is fine, but I think no more older than 20 is good for my parents to be okay with hanging out with. Can't gp out of CT. If you're in the Waterbury area, that'd be nice.
i would start a band with you but im in the southern ct area. a little far from waterbury
Hmm. I don't know what my parents would think of it. Or how scheduling would work or anything like that.
ya it would be definately be tough. what gear do u got anyway
Amateur stuff. Crate Amp FW15, Jay Turser 30-series guitar, and that's about it. No distortion pedals yet or stuff like that. Not much, but punk doesn't need much anyway.

Do you have a tight schedule or anything like that? Obvious good amount of time would be needed for a 1-2 hour ride.
no i dont really have a tight schedule or anything. im 15 too as well. but to be honest i am not exactly sure if i would be able to make it down to waterbury much at this age