So Judas Priest showed up on American Idol tonight with James Durbin and they performed Living after Midnight followed by Breaking the Law (yeah, I know, cliche JP). Halford and Durbin actually sounded pretty good together. Durbin even had on a Halford-esque outfit complete from the boots to the razor blade on his hat. I imagine some people won't be happy about this but I'm actually OK with the fact that they got this kind of exposure to a new generation who otherwise may not have known about Judas Priest and may now become a fan. Pit, what say you?
I have nothing against it. James Durbin really could be a good singer if he goes the right direction (Away from that pop S*** that the rest of american idol does). He's the first american idol contestant in a long time that Ive actually thought had a chance of being good at something thats actually MUSIC
I was never expecting it to happen at all. The fact that the judges even enjoyed it all while my father went on about metal being crap confounds me.

But about the whole exposure thing: I think it would work better if they were actually promoting their album this time around (as annoying as the promotion on that show is), because people seem to be more interested in what's new. I don't think Durbin will be as successful as he could have been in this sense.
I for one can't wait for the backlash, so I can hear Rob go on about how American Idol is "A new direction" in modern music.

His argument is always the same.
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just youtubed it, Judas Priest are without doubt my favourite band of all time forever and I gotta say I approve.

The kid has some serious pipes going into the solo for Living After Midnight and it was pretty awesome in general.

^the new guitarist took a solo in Breaking the Law, doesn't wail as hard as KK, got a more technical/shredder feel. Wasn't the same but it still sounded pretty good.

I just wish they had of played Victim of Changes instead
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I was hoping for Painkiller. I agree that Durbin could definitely be the biggest and most talented out of anyone on the history of this show. He was the only reason I even watched. I find it coincidental that he was voted off the same week as Chris Daughtry, who had all the potential in the world to be a hard rocker but went Matchbox 20 on us.
James, y u no do Painkiller??!!

Seriously though, that dude has some pipes. I may keep and eye on him, see where he ends up. It's also good to see American Idol spreading its boundaries a bit. I'm willing to bet (hope) that there is another metal guy next season, but he'll be doing Black Album Metallica.
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I'm not a fan of American Idol by any means but I like what this guy is doing. He's brought in Zakk Wylde (they kept saying Ozzy Osbourne was touring with him...), Muse (nailed the song an octave higher), and Judas Priest onto the stage with millions and millions watching him and he's done an awesome job with it.
I don't really like Durbin that much, he gets off-key when he goes up high. He wasn't so bad when he did Journey, but when he did that 30 Seconds to Mars song, he was missing pretty much every high note.

edit: I'm probably biased though, the last season of American Idol I took any real interest in was season 8. Since then, it seems as though the contestants are half-assing it.
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Can't really say I think Judas Priest is any better than the music that is played in American Idol usually. Well, props to them for writing their own music and being a band. But I think their music is awful.
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