Earcandy Headcutter. I just got this amp but my Baron K88 already covers the ground at this amp does. Even though this is a single channel amp the amp gets very clean and can do right to brutally distorted tones as you can hear in the clips. Easily can keep up with a drummer.

From left to right we have. Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, and Mids.

The three switches on the right side of the amp each change the tonal characteristics differently. Such as the first switch makes the amp more saturated and bright, the second is more a of mid cut and the last one is a tight switch. 25 watt, all tube, one channel amp. The amp uses 2 6V6s and 3 12ax7s.

Price: This amp lists $900 and only 15 are made a year. I'm looking $700 shipped conus
a Hardtail bridge. (aka hipshot)
27"+ scale.
Agiles are welcomed as well as other extended scale seven/eight stringers. Just shoot me offers of anything. The worst I can say is no.

Here's some clips of the amp.



Here's the Line Out version


Another Reamp.


If you guys have any questions I'd be happy to answer them as well as supply more pictures.

Good luck selling. Free bump
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