Looking for some good youtube ones or lessobs from ug. Just wanna learn all about tapping. I use pent and blues the most so. Ty for help
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If you read some of the music theory lessons here on UG you can learn how to construct chords using and that really useful for tapping and much more.
Not sure how proficient you are already with tapping, but I like using this lick to go across the strings. It's a pretty basic tap, just a tap, pull off, hammer, tap, but it sounds cool and you can move the shape along anywhere you like. Another thing you can do is use your index finger on A, middle on D and ring on G to give all the fingers a work out.

G|--------------------------------12 p 5 h 8 t 12 p 5 h 8
D|12 p 5 h 8 t 12 p 5 h 8---------------------------------12 p 5 h 8 t 12 p 5 h 8
A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12 p 5 h 8 t 12 p 5 h 8
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Try not to think of tapping as something different because it's not really. The technique is something that needs learning but you're not really playing any differently, you're still using the same notes - it's just that tapping allows you to play notes along a single string using intervals that would ordinarily be too wide to play conventionally.
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