Having difficulty coming up with a good transition between Riff 3 and the Outro riff near the end of my song. Any suggestions?


Edit: I have a new version of my tab posted this time with a drum track and a guitar solo tabbed in.
PPSh-41_ver11 with drums.gp5
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Thanks for the crit on mine.

I think you'll find it's a lot easier to tell how well transitions work when you've got the bass, drums and second guitar written in as well. Especially the drums, so maybe you should try writing a drum track for this so far. I didn't think the transition between for 3 and 4 was bad at all. And I think the silence between the 5th riff and the solo works well.

As for what kinda solo you want, I think you're gonna want a kinda wanky solo, I can imagine some fancy wah stuff being involved. Or really maybe just something along the lines of Metallica, like 'Through The Never''s solo, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ0ajjs0lMo

I didn't think there was anything wrong with the transitions, but it would definitely help to write the instrument tracks.
Riff I was okay, in guitar pro, the slides sound pretty bad, but Im sure they sound a lot better in real life. Those drums don't really do it justice. Having the same drums for the first three riffs was a mistake, it gets pretty boring, but I guess its better than having nothing. I may edit your drum track and change some of the rhythms if you don't mind...Riff 2 was good too, pretty solid. I would suggest (and this is probably my biggest suggestion) to get rid of the repeat signs though. When you have those in, you tend to not ever include alternate endings, so it can get boring hearing the same 4 bars twice, when you could have those 4 bars played twice but with the last bar being different, such as having a fill into the next riff. You know what I mean?

Also, to help beef up the sound, try adding a second guitar track, and pan each track to separate sides. This makes it heavier, but you can also have one track harmonize with the other track on some fills. Ill edit your track and show you how this could help a bunch. Next, I thought that riff 3 was dying for a harmony, see what you can do there. Riff 4 was VERY badass. What I would suggest is for those powerchords on the A string, add in the octave of the fifth, so instead of x-6-8, it would be 6-6-8. That extra note on the sixth string gives them more oomph. Same goes for riff 5.

Next, the solo, was pretty good. Not necessarily anything groundbreaking or anything, but it fits the song well and thats all that counts. Good thing you brought back that riff from before too. Id suggest you let a very last guitar bend ring out from the solo into the next riff, thatd be pretty sweet. The outro riff is pretty kickass, but it needs better drums as well. Also, the way you have it repeat four times is a little boring, since the ending could be different, but whatever.

Overall, its decent, its not like its groundbreaking, but its pretty good. Because it just sounded really thin to me, I had to go back and edit some stuff, like add another guitar, change the drums, and add some bass. If you feel like I messed your song up, then you can just delete, but if you like my changes, then feel glad to use them.

If you dont mind, could you C4C some of my stuff? Thanks
PPSh-41_ver11 with drums EDIT.gp5
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Thanks for your crit on my song!
The song was quite good. I liked all of the riffs except for the first and the third one. They were just too generic. Also, the solo and the transitions between riffs could use some work. Regarding this last point, adding some bass and drums fills in between will help a lot.
Well, the song is not even close to being finished, but if you keep working, something great could come out.