Hi, I made a guitar, mahogany strat body and I bought the neck off a friend, what my problem is, is that when I bend, say the 15 fret B string... It mutes after I get to a certain hight in the bend... I kinda looked it up, and is this a fret problem, action or is this a intonation problem?
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intonation is just how in tune a string is at any given fret. to check it just tune the guitar then fret the string at the 12th fret and see if its still in tune.

your problem seems like a warped neck to me, but you miught have hyper low action.
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I have pretty low action... and I still havent done anything to the trust rod to get rid of a slit warp in the neck... Ill try to fix it tonight, Thanks for your input!
Okay I turned my trust rod, both ways... Still having the same problem. Should I bring it into a guitar tech tomorrow or can I do anything else that might fix it?
play with the action first before tightening or loosening the truss rod.

also, know what you are doing when you turn the truss rod. do not just aimlessly turn it in both directions. if your neck needs more relief, then loosen it, if it needs less relief, tighten it.