So I brought out my acoustic after not touching for about a year. I've never changed the strings since I first got it (shameful, I know). I'm planning on going to get a new pack, but I'm not totally sure about the current string gauge. I'm guessing it's got .12's on since they are pretty thick.

Also, any brand recommendations? I usually stick to D'addarios on my Strat, but I'm open to any suggestions.

One more thing: how do phospor bronze and coated strings compared to plain ones? Thanks in advance.
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normal gauge is 13.

Disagree. Normal is 12. 12's are Light. 13's are Medium.
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yup. i've contacted several guitar manufacturers including seagull, blueridge, guild and yamaha, and their guitars all come with 12's. many come with d'addarios, although taylors come with elixer 12's.

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Disagree. Normal is 12. 12's are Light. 13's are Medium.
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