so me and the other guitarist in our band are looking to buy stacks , im just trying to do some research but i cant seem to find much , i want to know as much as you guys can tell me about stacks and good brands or recommendations , were a metalcore band , (parkway drive etc)

so yea if you guys could explain like different components and everything else that is relevant that would be greatly appreciated
Errr... read the existing posts that talk about amps?

A lo of spoon feeding requested, not sure how many will give you the requested treatise.

First question, what budget? used ok? why do you specifically want a stack?
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If your existing knowledge is that low you're gonna learn much more by just going and playing some amps then posting on here. Why do you need to know about the various components? Play some amps, get some basic understanding and have fun. That's it
Honestly...it all depends on your taste and the future venues you want to play. A stack denotes you are going to be playing larger venues. Tube amps=more warmth better articulation, solid state amps=brittle, hard but dependable. It all varies brand to brand and even amp to amp. High end tube amps:Mesa-Boogie mark V, Bogner Ecstasy. Lower end but very good=B-52 ATX-100 all tube amp, peavey 6105+, Peavey Butcher all tube head. Cabs are a whole 'nother world and can be just as challenging. Look around online, look up stuff and make an informed decision. Even youtube can help to identify certain tones your are looking for. People post reviews of their crap on there all the time and if you can "hear" the amps' character through the crappy recordings you can get an idea/feel for what you want. Or if budget isn't a consideration take YOUR guitar into a guitar center(or a favorite music retailer) tell the sales guy straight up that price is no object and watch the magic happen. Hope that helps..
OK, thirty years of experienced condensed into a forum post .... mmmmkay

Seriously, threads to start with:
And if you are actually in the market for an amp:
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