personally id do a little low/high cut on the rhythm guitar and boost the mids slightly on the lead, and slightly increase the drums and maybe lower the symbols a db to start but thats just me
Snare can be brought down a bit, rest of the kit up a tad. Lots of room in the middle for vox too, I like it. Might drop some high's off that china too. How've you tracked your drums?
Definitely turn the snare down some and bring up the rest of the kit. Personally, I'd like a bit more attack on the snare, but that's preference. And I agree with take a bit of the highs off of the china.

Though I'm betting you probably want to do this yourself, I would love to take a crack at mastering it for you. Just PM me if interested. I would tell you exactly what I did in as detailed a fashion as I could. I need the experience with a real drumset rather than just samples.