When doing 5 or 6 string sweeps, I have trouble muting the top strings when coming back up from the arpeggio since my thumb is already passed those strings and there doesn't seem to be an easy to mute them without putting my palm down more- but I've found this to be difficult to do. This results in slop extra noise and sloppiness that I still haven't been successful at eliminating. It is mainly a problem on the last string on the up pick when I'm about to come down. What are some ways to mute the top strings when picking up from the arpeggio?
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Why shouldn't you put more of your palm down to mute with? If it keeps the strings quiet then it's all good, surely? If it's because it's too difficult... of course it is. Sweeping is hard, if just muting the strings is giving you trouble then I don't know what to say other than "try harder".
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I found that when you're sweeping on wide frets it is easier to sound clean if you angle your fingers more, whereas when sweeping up on the narrow ones you can be almost perpendicular to the fretboard...i hope you got what i said... It works for me...i hope it will help you too...
It's a matter of your left hand technique. To get fast at sweeping you need to practice really slowly to really make sure you're not creating any excess noise. For your problem, when you're descending the arpeggio, after you pick the note, you need to relax your finger so it deadens the noise being made on that string. When you're ascending it's easy, because you're palm can do most of the work if it's positioned correctly.